Responsive Web Design

A responsive website design prototype whose purpose would be for creatives of all design fields to share their work, freelance, post jobs, and learn together.

Project Link

Avist Website

In the project you see my process of how I designed this using Adobe XD, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Using leading UX to align design and users.

My goal of this project was to show what I think a mainstream platform for creatives would look like. I know there are already a few out there like Dribbble and Behance. To me they seem to like accessibility for user all across the globe. For instance Dribbble is outstanding but, their app is not available in the U.S. at the moment. So that really can stop a lot of users you enjoy using apps to post their work from utilizing their platform. Behance has an app however, is very low on the app chart list of downloads meaning it is not very popular.

This prototype I named Avist which a play of words off of "Vista" which means view, is a what how I would design a platform similar to Dribbble and Behance but, brings more accessibility to users all around the world.

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