Honey Company Branding

An organization in Charlotte, North Carolina reached out to me wanting a logo for their start-up. This project has several creations I have developed for them over the year working together. You can visit their website at

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Branding for a Community Honey Bee Garden

Woods Friendly Community Garden is based in Charlotte, NC.; and was established in 2020 by visionaries Dylan and Georlean Woods. Prompted by their love of gardening and desire to contribute to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for whole neighborhoods. Woods Friendly Community Garden seeks to empower communities by providing access to growing fruits and vegetables. Dylan Woods is also a self-taught beekeeper, which in return he is able to harvest Raw Honey from his beehives in his Apiary.

Example of what true customer satisfaction can lead to.

I had known the creators of this organization for decades. They contacted me asking for a logo. After I supplied them with that, they have come several times asking for more designs and animations. I always try to throw in something free of charge to help them grow. Their help and networking has gotten me a lot more freelance projects.

Woods Friendly Community Garden Channel